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The AbolishAPD Coalition provides research for and with our coalition members about police and policing in Albuquerque. We work toward the abolition of police in Albuquerque by conducting

1) Research on police abolition 

2) Analysis on the long history and ongoing      pattern of police violence in Albuquerque

3) Research on APD through official APD reports  


Street Research

Research on APD

We cannot trust the Albuquerque Police Department to collect data on its use of violence. It routinely underreports its use of violence. The only way to monitor APD is to go out onto street and interview those targeted by APD. This is our most important ongoing research project.

Data collected by APD is not trustworthy, but this does not mean we do not seek access to APD reports. We submit, on average, two to three records request each month. 


Police abolition is not a call for the immediate dissolution of APD. We know that right-wing armed militias and private security firms would fill this void. There would be no difference for working people and people of color. Therefore, we seek the abolition of the conditions that make police necessary in the first place. And during this struggle we demand the City of Albuquerque defund APD and shift the hundreds of millions of dollars devoted to policing to non-police agencies. We defund police while building our capacity to replace police.

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